News | January 18, 2024

Acqueon Announces Comprehensive Healthcare Solution For Complete Patient Lifecycle Management

Acqueon PatientAssist Helps Healthcare Providers Enhance Patient Management from Pre-Encounter through Post-Encounter

Dallas, TX /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Acqueon today announced its first vertical solution, aimed at enhancing the patient experience for healthcare providers. Leading providers understand that in order to thrive in today's healthcare environment, they must take a complete view toward patient management—from pre-appointment engagement, to patient education, through treatment, and onto discharge and follow-up. Acqueon PatientAssist leverages the entire Acqueon portfolio to deliver a personalized, compliant solution that is fully tailored to the patient. Acqueon's proactive engagement capabilities, data platform and integrations, plus agent/clinician workspace deliver a seamless solution that addresses critical use cases for healthcare providers throughout the entire patient lifecycle.

Patient Engagement Starts with Appointments
Recognizing that the patient experience starts well before an office visit, Acqueon PatientAssist makes appointments easy to schedule and easy to manage for both the patient and the provider. With integration to core data systems such as Epic and Salesforce, Acqueon PatientAssist easily surfaces patient appointment information to providers' office staff answering inbound calls, saving valuable lookup time and providing a better patient experience. Even more important, providers can easily set up automated reminders via voice, text, and/or email. If patients must reschedule appointments, they can use voice or digital self-service channels to do so quickly and easily. With continuous engagement leading up to and through the appointment, patients get the best experience while providers gain efficiency and see fewer missed appointments.

Self-Service That Works for Patients
Because many patients today prefer self-service, Acqueon PatientAssist includes access to Acqueon's API Hub, which enables providers to build self-service workflows simply and with compliance. With the ability to integrate to nearly any voice or digital self-service platform, Acqueon PatientAssist and the API Hub allow providers to leverage the tools that they're most comfortable with, whether that's an interactive voice response (IVR) system or a chatbot/interactive virtual agent (IVA). Acqueon PatientAssist enables self-service capabilities including appointment scheduling/rescheduling, prescriptions/refills, and automated callback capabilities.

Post-care Follow-up and Payments
Healthcare providers know that engagement with patients doesn't end with treatment. Acqueon PatientAssist helps providers remain actively engaged with patients when their treatment or appointment is finished. This includes follow-up appointment scheduling, reminders, and rescheduling; prescription reminders; and even billing notifications. To ensure that providers are able to focus on ensuring positive patient outcomes, Acqueon PatientAssist eases the burden of billing and collections management. Acqueon's advanced Campaign Manager makes it easy for providers to set up billing and collections campaigns, efficiently managing this core business element and allowing the clinic or specialist's office to focus on the patient.

Built-In Compliance Across All Interactions
Acqueon PatientAssist is built with compliance and privacy at the forefront, not as an afterthought. Not only is patient data never stored with Acqueon, all access to data in Epic or other systems is entirely secure—whether the interaction is between a patient and an agent or when a patient is using an interactive virtual agent or bot. Beyond protecting patient data, Acqueon PatientAssist ensures that all patient outreach and communication is compliant with all relevant federal and state regulations. From appointment reminders to pharmacy refills, to billing or collections follow-ups, Acqueon ensures that healthcare providers remain compliant with regulations.

"With more than 25 healthcare provider networks in the US using Acqueon solutions, now is the perfect time to introduce Acqueon PatientAssist," said Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon. "By bringing together Acqueon's leading campaign management and proactive engagement capabilities, our integrations with EHR, CRM, and contact center platforms through the Acqueon Data Platform, and our innovative Acqueon Workspace, we are uniquely able to solve the most difficult challenges in patient lifecycle management. And we see Acqueon PatientAssist as the first of many persona-based solutions that make use of all elements of the Acqueon platform."

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