News | February 12, 2006

AnyDoc Software Creates U.K. Presence

AnyDoc® Software, a leading provider of automated document and data capture solutions, announced today the opening of its new international sales office in the United Kingdom. Its territory includes the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Samuel L. Schrage, AnyDoc's vice president of international sales, outlined the need for the new location. "We have a strong customer base in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With over 250 installations there, we felt it was time to open an office to further develop the territory and to provide additional support to our resellers," he explained. The U.K. office is AnyDoc's second presence in Europe; the company also has an office in Zug, Switzerland.

Daniel Izsak, general manager of the Zug office, agrees with Schrage's vision. "Very positive feedback from our existing U.K. clients about our AnyApp freeform technology and the strong demand for automated data capture led us to further invest in the development of our U.K. market presence," Izsak said. AnyApp-based solutions, such as AnyDoc®INVOICE, capture common data (such as purchase order number) in varying locations across the document of unstructured document types, like invoices, based on keywords and an organization's business rules.

Coinciding with the new U.K presence, AnyDoc hired Jeremy Pitt as its first business development manager, whose primary responsibility is to facilitate AnyDoc's resellers in the U.K. and Ireland with selling the award-winning OCR for AnyDoc® and its related solutions such as AnyDoc®INVOICE. His role is adaptable to the needs of these resellers and may include assistance in finding, developing and closing sales opportunities.

Pitt comes to AnyDoc with a wealth of experience in the document and content management industry, where his career began in 1995. Previously, he was a senior sales manager for Captiva Software. He has also held sales positions at U.K.-based Tranmit, Image System Integrators (now Macro4) and Informix. He is optimistic about the venture. "I look forward to the challenge of establishing AnyDoc as a key data capture platform in the growing U.K. market and working with our dedicated U.K. resellers to increase sales and market share," Pitt proclaimed.

AnyDoc Software products and solutions simplify document workflow processes by extracting critical data off scanned documents and forms, then preparing this data and the document images for transfer into enterprise resource planning, document management, or other back office systems.

These products and solutions also help to eliminate the hidden costs an organization pays as a result of manually processing data off its invoices, remittances and order forms, as well as industry-specific documents in healthcare and other sectors. Time-to-process, document storage and human error compound these costs, but AnyDoc Software solutions can dramatically lower them.

The company wants to educate more companies in the region on the benefits of AnyDoc products and solutions. "Virtually every organization still contends with paper documents and the data on them," Schrage said. "We want to demonstrate to the business communities of the United Kingdom and Ireland how AnyDoc can ease that pain. Our new location gives us a great base from which to do just that."

About AnyDoc Software
AnyDoc Software develops automated document and data capture solutions that continue to set industry standards. AnyDoc's flagship product OCR for AnyDoc® and its associated solutions have helped thousands of businesses worldwide to dramatically transform their document workflow processes, saving them substantial time, revenue and resources. AnyDoc Software is the preferred choice of companies around the world, including over 250 installations in the UK. We provide solutions for companies like U.S. Airways, Circuit City, Procter & Gamble, BlueCross BlueShield, the U.S. Census, LeasePlan, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Soudronic AG, MS200, Die Post and more. For more information, please contact us at (813) 222-0414 or visit