News | September 29, 2020

Apollo Enterprise Imaging Platform Enables Encounter-Based Workflows For POCUS

arcc® v10.3, Apollo’s newest version of their Enterprise Imaging platform, provides encounters-based workflow for point of care ultrasound

Tysons, VA (PRWEB) - Apollo, the leading provider of enterprise imaging and clinical multimedia management solutions, today announced that the latest version of its enterprise imaging solution, arcc®, provides encounters-based workflow for point of care ultrasound (POCUS), previously only an orders-based process.

While traditional ultrasound imaging is conducted in an orders-based system, emergency departments work under different criteria and cannot afford to wait for an order to be processed. Using the POCUS process (with arcc) streamlines not only the patient care process, but also patient outcomes. There is no need to wait for an order – imaging can occur immediately during care. This can save hours of physician time, reduces steps during the care process and provides efficiency gains for the staff.

“Apollo bridges the gap between orders- and encounters-based workflows, which gives you a new strategy to manage POCUS imaging in a clinic, the emergency department, in a physician’s office or at the hospital bedside,” said Apollo CEO Mark Newburger. “arcc enables more flexible image acquisition workflows – so you don’t have to change the way you work or stop what you’re doing in patient care to create an order before taking images.”

The Apollo Repository for Clinical Content, arcc, is an Enterprise Imaging platform which enables clinicians to deliver positive care outcomes in a more efficient manner by centrally and securely managing clinical images and their associated metadata. arcc provides both orders- and encounters-based workflows for 45 specialty-specific departments across the healthcare enterprise. This enables every department throughout the enterprise to acquire, manage, and securely access all clinical content through one platform. It provides the ability to interface with modality devices across the enterprise and ensure the accurate assignment of relevant metadata.

About Apollo
Apollo is a healthcare IT company with a reputation for delivering quality Enterprise Imaging solutions that address both clinical multimedia workflow management needs and vendor neutral storage requirements. Apollo’s Enterprise Imaging solution, arcc®, uses clinical convergence to power true interoperability, collaboration and next generation security throughout the health system. arcc is the industry’s only mature enterprise imaging solution that provides direct device integration, clinical content management, reporting and custom applications, workflows and modules for 45 specialty-specific departments throughout the health system. For a list of referenceable users in the United States and Canada, visit

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