News | November 8, 2006

APWU Health Plan Features CIGNA Healthcare Provider Network For 2007

Glen Burnie, MD - The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Health Plan announced recently that CIGNA HealthCare will be featured as a major provider network for 25 states in the APWU Health Plan's High Option Preferred Provider Organization network.

The alliance between APWU Health Plan and CIGNA HealthCare will offer APWU Health Plan members a number of important enhancements effective from Jan. 1, 2007. "CIGNA has one of the largest and most respected provider networks in the country," said Carroll E. Midgett, Chief Operating Manager, APWU Health Plan. "CIGNA will help APWU Health Plan meet its objectives: provide outstanding member service; lower out-of-pocket costs for the membership and battle rising claim costs."

Notably, CIGNA HealthCare's Mid-Atlantic Health Plan has earned the highest rankings for the District of Columbia/Maryland region in the Nov. 6, 2006 edition of the US News & World Report cover story on "America's Top Health Plans."

CIGNA provides the APWU Health Plan and its participating members extensive, industry-leading quality medical networks; comprehensive, award-winning prevention and health improvement programs that help members improve their health; and personalized web tools that help members better understand their conditions and make more informed health care decisions.

APWU Health Plan has also been a leader in keeping premium costs affordable for federal and postal employees and retirees, and has held the line again in 2007. APWU Health Plan employee premium costs for 2007 will be the same or within pennies of the 2006 cost.