Company Profile | January 1, 1996

BEC Biomedical Engineering

Source: The Biomedical Engineering Corporation (BEC)
BEC Biomedical Engineering The Biomedical Engineering Corporation (BEC) draws on state-of-the-art engineering design, analysis and manufacturing techniques - combined with an in-depth understanding of clinical applications - to develop a range of medical implants and devices.

The company specialises in using computational analysis (The Finite Element Method) for the development of orthopaedic and cardiovascular implants. However, this technology has a broad application, and with a strong mechanical engineering background BEC has undertaken numerous analyses of other medical and non-medical devices.

BEC was founded on a solid tradition of research and development. The members have been involved in computational biomechanics research for the past nine years, during which time collaboration with the industry has been integral. The six year relationship with DePuy International (Leeds, UK) has been the foundation on which BEC has built its reputation for excellence in medical product development and consulting.

To help keep the broad activities of BEC rooted in scientific research and development, the company is affiliated to the University of Cape Town, which has an enviable history of research in the medical field. This alliance with the University provides the business with access to invaluable resources such as testing facilities, an extensive library and internationally rated expertise.