News | October 31, 2023 Expands Partnership With Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Columbia, MD (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - (NYSE: BBAI), a leading provider of AI-powered business intelligence solutions, today announced that Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is expanding its use of’s AI platform to make day-to-day operations improvements to centralized resource and bed management, nurse staffing, and its transfer center.’s FutureFlow RX Predictive AI platform allows hospitals to create ‘digital twins.’ Hospitals can then apply likely future operational scenarios to their digital twins, seeing how the digital twin hospital responds to myriad stresses. This predictive knowledge empowers hospitals to plan and execute more efficiently and effectively.

“ is thrilled to expand its work with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,” said Greg Goldwater, Chief Growth Officer at “Because BigBear’s Predictive AI platform can effectively predict the future through event simulation, it’s a game-changer for hospital systems looking to roll out strategic growth plans. We look forward to our next phase of collaboration that will ultimately drive better patient care and outcomes.”

During a long-term strategic planning exercise with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Future Flow RX tested likely upstream and downstream outcomes based on predicted hospital volume growth and demand shifts. As a result, Jefferson was then able to optimize its master facility plan to meet future patient needs best.

About’s mission is to deliver clarity for the world’s most complex decisions.’s AI-powered decision intelligence solutions are leveraged in three core markets: global supply chains & logistics, autonomous systems, and cybersecurity.’s customers, which include the US Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, the US Federal Government, as well as complex manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare, all rely on’s solutions to empower leaders to decide on the best possible scenario by creating order from complex data, identifying blind spots, and building predictive outcomes. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, is a global, public company traded on the NYSE under the symbol BBAI.

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