News | January 23, 2024

ClearSky Health To Build Medical Rehabilitation Hospital In Rockwall County, Texas

Albuquerque, NM /PRNewswire/ - ClearSky Health, a premier rehabilitative healthcare provider, has announced plans to build a new 36-bed medical rehabilitation hospital in Rockwall County, Texas.

The new hospital will provide specialized rehabilitative care to patients recovering from disabling injuries or illnesses such as strokes, brain injuries, hip fractures, spinal injuries, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or other medically-complex conditions like COVID-19. It will treat more than 650 patients annually and provide about 100 new jobs for the area.

"Our intent is to enhance the quality of life for residents of the region by fulfilling an unmet healthcare need," says Darby Brockette, CEO of ClearSky Health. "The new hospital will strengthen current healthcare services by providing a continuum of care in a patient's healing process. Our goal is to maximize patients' recoveries so they can regain independence and return to the activities that they enjoy."

Brockette says patients will be able to remain near their homes while they continue to heal. "By not having to travel out of town for rehabilitation services, patients and their families will experience less logistical concerns, financial burdens, and emotional stress," he says. "We include family members and caregivers in the recovery process with the patient's permission. Their input and participation are important—from helping the patient set care plan goals to being educated on how to provide continued support after discharge."

Patients at the hospital will be treated by an interdisciplinary healthcare team that includes a physician; rehabilitation nurses; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; case managers; respiratory therapists; dietitians; and other healthcare professionals. The state-of-the-art, 45,000-square-foot building will feature all private rooms, a rehabilitative gym with specialized equipment and one-on-one therapy, a dining room with a dedicated chef and food service staff, an activity of daily living space to allow patients to receive therapy in rooms that emulate home conditions, and an outside therapeutic courtyard.

"Our staff will go above and beyond normal service expectations to provide patients with optimal results," Brockette says.

ClearSky Health brings extensive rehabilitative knowledge and experience to the area as a healthcare organization that owns and operates 12 medical rehabilitation hospitals in Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin, with five more in planning stages across the nation, to include additional hospitals in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Texas.

Source: ClearSky Health

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