Colorado MEDtech Announces Increased Orders for Y2K Compliance Service

Colorado MEDtech Inc. (Boulder, CO), a medical products and outsourcing services company, has announced that its BioMed Y2K, Inc. subsidiary has received orders totaling more than four million dollars from healthcare providers to assist them in evaluating medical devices for Year 2000 compliance. BioMed says it has been selected by facilities such as the U.S. Virgin Islands Hospitals and University Hospital (Denver). It has also established various alliances with information technology firms, including PRC Inc. and Century Services Inc. to provide complementary Y2K services.

"We are pleased to have been chosen as the preferred Y2K solutions provider for this distinguished group of healthcare providers and institutions," said John V. Atanasoff, president and CEO of Colorado MEDtech. "Our proprietary database for Y2K compliance reviews now consists of over 18,000 unique medical devices. In addition, we have added services for Y2K testing and contingency planning."

The firm's BioMed Y2K One offers a combination of tools and services to support healthcare institutions' efforts to establish Y2K compliance for their biomedical devices. The company's offering includes:

  • Method Y2KOne, a step-by-step methodology to assist with project organization for identifying, prioritizing and fixing Year 2000 compliance problems in a healthcare facility.
  • Inventory Y2KOne, a software application that facilitates the organized collection of hardware and software inventory at a facility.
  • Manage Y2KOne, a software tool to assist in the management, tracking, and reporting efforts required within a facility.
  • Compliance Y2KOne, a database of product compliance reports covering potential Year 2000 problems for thousands of medical devices. A database access license (via the Internet) allows a customer to purchase product compliance reports and receive updates if an item changes.
  • Search Y2KOne, a set of search engines that identifies date fields in custom software.
  • Call Center Y2KOne, which provides access to a helpdesk that furnishes information on research, testing and general technical information.
  • Train Y2KOne, a training program designed to accelerate staff ability to launch compliance initiatives.