News | October 31, 2023

CorroHealth VISION Empowers CDI And HIM Teams To Optimize Compliant Revenue Integrity For Hospitals

Plano, TX /PRNewswire/ - CorroHealth recently launched its latest Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)-focused solution, VISION, cutting-edge DRG revenue integrity technology. Designed to empower CDI and Coding teams, VISION takes a multi-dimensional approach to complex CDI, medical coding rules, and advanced benchmarking. It identifies and prioritizes clinical cases, yielding maximum compliant revenue capture with the most efficient use of resources.

"Developed by Physicians with decades of combined industry experience and refinement, VISION DRG revenue integrity technology employs sophisticated, clinically driven algorithms to identify case reviews for optimization," says Dr. Jerilyn P. Morrissey, Chief Medical Officer at CorroHealth. "Our targeted approach enables CDI and HIM teams to perform at their highest levels."

The strength of VISION stems from its unique combination of deep clinical knowledge, advanced data analytics, and the latest medical coding guidelines. Upon receiving a population of hospital patient encounters, VISION instantly ingests and detects potential over- or under-documented and coded clinical records. The VISION scoring engine improves with more reviews, avoiding false positives and excessive non-value-added reviews, unlike other tools on the market. VISION continually integrates case reviews, client feedback, and changes in market and regulations to enhance performance for each hospital environment.

CorroHealth offers three approaches to maximize the benefits of VISION: a SaaS model for independent utilization by hospital CDI and medical coding teams, supplement team efforts with the CorroHealth DRG Revenue Integrity team, or a hybrid of both.

"VISION represents more than just technology; it's the embodiment of our vast expertise in CDI and medical coding, aiming to drive transformative shifts in healthcare," remarks CorroHealth CEO Pat Leonard. "VISION symbolizes a collaborative commitment to superior provider and patient outcomes."

Join CorroHealth's live webinar to see how VISION empowers CDI and HIM teams to improve financial outcomes. The event will be held on December 5, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. PST with Sam Dominik, Managing Director, and Bilal Mushtaq, MD, Senior Vice President, DRG Revenue Integrity, both from Corro Clinical by Versalus Health.

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