News | February 28, 2024

Corsight AI And ISEG Elevate Security Measures At Monterrey Hospitals In Mexico With Advanced Facial Intelligence Integration


In a significant partnership, Corsight AI, renowned for its innovative Facial Intelligence technology, has joined forces with ISEG, a leading security provider in Latin America. ISEG offers a range of solutions, from security personnel and CCTV cameras to innovative original technology. This collaboration aims to bolster the security infrastructure across various industries by integrating Corsight AI's advanced Facial Intelligence platform with ISEG's established security protocols.

A prime illustration of this partnership's impact is seen in the Auna Healthcare Network’s three hospitals in Monterrey, Mexico. Here, ISEG has enhanced the security framework by incorporating Corsight AI's facial recognition technology. Within AUNA's facilities, Corsight AI's system has been seamlessly integrated at critical access points and sensitive areas. The system features a customized list to regulate access to restricted areas such as infant care units and hospital offices, ensuring entry is limited to authorized personnel.

A key aspect of this deployment is a watchlist function, crafted to proactively identify and alert security personnel about individuals known to pose security threats. This comprehensive approach not only strengthens existing security measures but also aims to elevate the overall patient experience within the AUNA's hospitals.

Gabriel Lerner, CEO of ISEG Corp, expressed his views on the partnership, saying, 'Collaborating with Corsight AI represents a crucial milestone in our quest for sophisticated security solutions. Their facial recognition technology has profoundly improved our security strategy. We chose Corsight AI for its proven accuracy in real-world conditions and for its unbiased performance across gender, age, and ethnicity.

Corsight AI's technology is noted for its seamless compatibility with ISEG's current camera setup and has been recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for its accuracy and reliability within challenging constraints such as poor video quality, limited camera angles, distance, motion, facial coverage and disguises.

Karla M. López, LATAM Sales Manager for Corsight AI, also shared her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Working with ISEG to integrate our Facial Intelligence platform into their security framework has been immensely rewarding. Together, we're not only enhancing security but also advancing operational efficiency and customer service in the healthcare sector."

The collaboration exemplifies the significant impact of merging cutting-edge technology with conventional security measures, setting a new benchmark for security efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare industry.

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