Company Profile | January 1, 1996

DISA Vascular

Source: Disa Vascular
DISA Vascular DISA Vascular (DISA) is a medical device company based in Cape Town, South Africa. DISA is committed to establishing itself as a market leader in interventional vascular products. By combining biomedical engineering expertise with clinical understanding, DISA is focused on supplying cardiologists with appropriate world-class vascular products.

DISA was founded on a solid tradition of research and development. To help meet the challenge of keeping the broad activities rooted in scientific research and development, the company is affiliated to the University of Cape Town, which has an enviable history of research – particularly in the medical field. The result of our commitment to research, consultation and in-depth testing, is a range of high quality products that are appropriate to the needs of the medical community.

In South Africa & Southern Africa DISA Vascular products are distributed by Angio Scientific, one of South Africa's most prominent medical device distribution companies. This partnership with Angio Scientific enables DISA Vascular to provide the best interventional vascular products backed up by outstanding service.