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Eagle Telemedicine Announces Solution To Counter Lack Of Palliative Care

Eagle Telemedicine adds new specialty to increase access to life-saving palliative care in underserved communities

Atlanta, GA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Eagle Telemedicine, the leader in technology-enabled inpatient and outpatient care for sustainable healthcare resilience, today announced the availability of life-changing palliative care. Only 71% of U.S. hospitals provide palliative care and metropolitan hospitals are 15% more likely to offer palliative care than rural hospitals (National Institute of Health). Through Eagle's Tele-Palliative Care, hospitals everywhere can offer this next level of care, any day of the year.

"No one should suffer through a life-threatening, chronic illness," said Jason Povio, CEO, Eagle Telemedicine. "The primary obstacle in rural areas is the limited availability of palliative care for individuals facing serious illnesses. With our tele-palliative care service, our goal is to provide support to hospital care teams regardless of their location."

Distinct from hospice care, palliative care offers symptom alleviation, comfort, and assistance to individuals grappling with severe illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, or chronic respiratory conditions. Its advantages also encompass support for caregivers. If you're contending with a life-altering illness, palliative care might be accessible to enhance your health and overall quality of life. Within palliative care, services span from medication and symptom control to advanced care planning for late-stage conditions.

Through modern technology, Eagle's Tele-Palliative Care providers deliver thorough diagnosis and care via virtual exams, diagnostics and provider-to-provider consultations, making access to critical medication, disease and symptom management widely accessible. This eliminates the costs and stress of travel which is particularly difficult for those with a debilitating illness. Tele-Palliative care benefits include:

  • Access to palliative care physicians
  • Reliable response times
  • Enhanced feelings of security and safety
  • Genuine relationships with health care professionals
  • Increased patient comfort and convenience
  • Enhanced continuity of care across and between settings

Available now, Eagle's tele-palliative care is a new specialty within Eagle Telemedicine's suite of telemedicine services. Offering more than 17 telemedicine specialties, Eagle's custom-tailored telemedicine solutions enable sustainable healthcare for hospitals of every size. Read more information on Eagle tele-palliative care here.

About Eagle Telemedicine
Eagle Telemedicine is the leader in technology-enabled inpatient and outpatient care for sustainable healthcare resilience. With a virtual team of more than 430 physicians in more than 17 specialties, Eagle delivers care services that improve patient outcomes, mitigate coverage gaps, expand specialty access and help hospitals enhance care quality and reputation in the communities they serve. With a world-class "webside" manner, Eagle physicians deliver custom-tailored around-the-clock coverage, leveraging existing technologies and processes, for a truly seamless patient experience. Committed to building relationships, not delivering transactions, Eagle empowers rural and metropolitan hospitals alike to increase admissions, expand service access and lower patient transfer rates. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn at

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