News | May 18, 2000

Glass Van Surgical Blades - Features & Benefits

Source: Myco Medical Supplies
Myco Medical SuppliesERIAL. Stainless Steel (AISI 420) is imported from Sheffield. England and Carbon Steel (125 CR 1) is imported from Switzerland. Grinding wheels are imported from England.

  • PACKAGING Both Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel blades are individually foil packaged with two strips of VPI (Vapor Protector Inhibitor) Paper. This not only inhibits rusting, it greatly enhances packaging strength. Samples are drawn from each production lot and tested under vacuum to test seal integrity. This insures that all product is shipped sterile.

  • BENCHMARKING Since Swan Morton is the largest surgical blade manufacturer in the world, our Competitors use their product as their bench mark. However, Bard Parker is the US market leader. We use BD as our benchmark. Not only do our blades match BD in sharpness, our hardening process gives our blades similar strength as the BD Rib Back blade.

  • CONSISTENCY Each Computer Controlled Automatic Grinding fixture is optimized for a particular blade configuration which yields smaller lot to lot variation. Proprietary polishing and de-burring process insures superior serface finish and "clean" cutting edge.

  • FDA COMPLIANCE Since we are a full line medical device manufacturer (Class II Devices including syringes, needles, IV Catheters, Infusion Sets, Blood Collection Sets), our manufacturing facilities are periodically audited by FDA for GMP compliance. We are also ISO 9001 certified and our products carry the prestigious CE Mark. Product Inspection and packaging is done in Class 100,000 certified clean room. Bio- burden and sterility testing is done on each production lot by fully equipped independent Quality Assurance facility.

  • TRACABILITY Lot numbers are clearly identified on unit packs and foil pack. Batch records are maintained so as to insure that product can be traced throughout the distribution chain. If product defects are discovered, recalls are easily accomplished.