Healthcare Management Software

Source: Eclipsys Corporation

Sunrise Resource Planning (ERP) Manager is software designed to provide effective integrated solutions

Sunrise Resource Planning (ERP) Manager is software designed to provide effective integrated solutions for every aspect of the healthcare enterprise. The software is tightly integrated but can be implemented separately as required. It is designed to be enterprise-wide, outcomes-focused and person-centric, supporting multiple entities across the enterprise and a longitudinal patient record. The design goal for this application is that it be web-enabled, multi-tiered, rules-driven, database-neutral and support open systems industry standards.

Materials management integrates all aspects of purchasing, receiving and distributed inventory. It has been specifically created for hospitals, HMOs and other healthcare networks. Surgery departmental support automates all aspects of scheduling, preference card management, cost accounting, revenue accounting and case management. ERP-Surgery seamlessly integrates with ERP's Materials, as well as Accounts Payable, General Ledger, PakTrak and Human Resources applications.

General Ledger is a product set that also includes Encumbrance Budget Management, Fixed Assets, Cost Accounting and Capital Projects Management. ERP also manages departmental budgeting, grant accounting, and payroll. PakTrak is comprehensive package-tracking software designed specifically for healthcare organizations. It manages and tracks all materials from Receiving through the staging process and the final delivery point.

To support these applications, the company offers a variety of tools and application-support products. These are designed to enhance the base ERP product's processing capabilities and enable users to manage a self-contained system as part of a true open-systems environment and without outside consulting support. They include Commodity Management, Conversion, Interface, Report Writer and TextWriter.

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