Company Profile | June 23, 2000

Liston Scientific Corp.

Source: Liston Scientific Corp.
Liston Scientific Corp.
Enviromax Gas Analyzers from Liston Scientific draw from a truly unique perspective. They are the products of over 50 years experience in infrared instrumentation. No wonder they're superior in design and performance to other gas analyzers on the market.

The Optical Bench (featuring our patented detector and unique sample cell) is the primary reason why the Enviromax sets the standard for accuracy and stability in gas analysis. The sample cell is coated with 14K gold to maximize reflectivity, and its length is optimized to the measuring range of the gas being analyzed. Other key features of the beautifully simple Enviromax design include all digital electronics, a completely sealed sample path, minimal sensitivity to vibration or changes in temperature, and the absence of any fans, motors or other moving parts. The Enviromax is the result of the long career and inventive spirit of Max Liston, President and Founder of Liston Scientific. Mr. Liston has been inventing and developing new technology in many fields since the 1940s. While working at General Motors, he developed the breaker-type DC amplifier, and subsequently helped design the first industrial infrared spectrophotometer for Perkin Elmer.

In 1950, Mr. Liston formed the Liston-Becker Company, whose primary products were non-dispersive infrared analyzers like the Model 30 and Model 28. These extraordinarily sensitive instruments were used on all U.S. and NATO atomic submarines to monitor internal atmospheric conditions. Liston-Becker analyzers were also utilized for air pollution measurements by the Coordinated Research Council and the State of California, and were used by the major automotive manufacturers in the development of clean air packages.

In 1955, the Liston-Becker Company was acquired by Beckman Instruments, where Mr. Liston served as Corporate Director of Research. Following his retirement from Beckman in 1965, he founded Liston Scientific, a company reflective of his own lifelong dedication to excellence in scientific measurement.