News | May 4, 2022

Mobile Aspects Installs Modern Tissue Tracking System At Cambridge Health Alliance Hospitals

Pittsburgh, PA /PRNewswire/ - Mobile Aspects, a health care logistics platform provider, has installed its RFID-enabled tissue and implant tracking system in two Cambridge Health Alliance hospitals, helping the Massachusetts-based health care provider modernize its surgical care delivery and inventory analysis processes.

Mobile Aspects' iRISecure system replaces manual tracking methods in operating rooms at CHA Cambridge Hospital and CHA Everett Hospital. Five cabinets were installed between the two hospitals, each backed by software that integrates and interfaces seamlessly with CHA's electronic medical records system to provide up-to-date tissue storage and tracking information, guided workflows on usage and cleaning procedures to ensure Joint Commission standards are met, and reporting to analyze inventory and internal processes.

"Our platform is about introducing an ease-of-use that reduces the amount of time a provider is spending tracking down tissue or trying to remember how long ago it was removed from a freezer," said Suneil Mandava, CEO of Pittsburgh-based Mobile Aspects. "With our patented RFID-tracking technology, we can capture a tissue's entire journey, from hospital dock to the patient."

The platform's interface allows easy access to learn how much of a certain type of tissue or product is on hand across the health system, determine which tissue physicians are using and how often, and uncover historic usage trends to properly balance supply levels.

"That's what excites me the most, the endless number of possibilities we have with this type of technology to protect our patients and create efficiency," said Roger Conant, CHA's associate chief nursing officer of perioperative services.

At a time when supply chain woes stress health systems, iRISecure's reporting capabilities provide a valuable tool. For example, iRISecure can produce Zero-Use and Overstock reports that flag infrequently used items that may need to be replaced or removed, potentially reducing costs and eliminating the possibility of using expired items.

"In the next six months, I'd like to see improvements in the traceability of what we have on hand, so we can clean up a lot of what might not be used right now and bring in more things providers are using," said Eduardo Pepin, CHA's perioperative business and inventory manager. "With this technology, I'm confident we can meet that goal."

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