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Pharmacies Innovate With Robot That Delivers Medicines In Seconds

The technology of the North American company BD, present in 53 countries, begins to be adopted in Brazil

Sao Paulo /PRNewswire/ - With more than 11,000 units installed in 53 countries, the BD Rowa robot, which selects medications and delivers them to the pharmacy counter in up to 30 seconds, is already a reality in Brazil - its most recent installation took place at Drogaria Soares da Vila Mariana, in São Paulo.

Manufactured and distributed by BD, one of the largest medical technology companies in the world, the robot operates based on artificial intelligence that assimilates the daily practices of pharmacies and drugstores.

"It's a technology that works efficiently, working in the operational area so that attendants and pharmacists can provide better service to customers, without spending significant time searching for medicines. products is up to 22 times faster compared to manual operation, helping to make contact with customers more humanized and welcoming", comments Américo José, specialist in pharmaceutical retail.

The robot operates in three phases: admission, when the attendant or pharmacist enters the prescription data into the system; preparation, when collecting the medicines on the shelf of the device itself; and dispensing, by placing the medicines on a conveyor belt, which takes the medicines to the counter.

This solution controls expiration and stock dates, replenishing products according to the pharmacy's daily demand, avoiding delays, errors and nonconformities in the inventory.

"For retailers, it results in a positive experience about the humanization of relationships, as attendants and pharmacists begin to better fulfill their role in primary health care, and for hospitals in the ability to prioritize clinical care", says Walter Baxter , CEO from DB.

In Brazil, BD Rowa is present in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Amazonas and Rio de Janeiro and will soon reach pharmacies in Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

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