News | April 30, 2020

Practical And Profitable Remote Care Technology: LifeOnMD Provides Patients With Extraordinary Quality Remote Care

TechLeaders Consulting LLC and Globus Eight Inc. team up to offer LifeOnMD - the world's smartest remote patient care system. Clinics and hospitals will now be able to provide monitoring and diagnostic services to patients in their own homes, a revolution in patient care technology.

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Recent public health challenges call for new ways to deliver patient care. LifeOnMD allows you to remotely diagnose, monitor, eEncount, and check vitals such as blood glucose, blood pressure and hundreds of other parameters. The end-to-end remote solution makes it possible for patients to be treated from their own homes, without putting anyone at risk.

Patient care has changed. Less office visits drastically impact a provider's encounters per day. Senior patients, many providers' main clientele, are the most at risk. Additionally, patients are more receptive to remote care. Government regulations/taxpayers and commercial insurance providers are also encouraging change. This allows providers to serve patients while acquiring financial benefits and exercising safety.

LifeOn is a patented system that is practical and profitable. LifeOnMD provides a 360-degree view of information from patient devices, EMR and via visual telepointments that enables providers to remotely care for their patients.

"LifeOnMD targets clinics and hospitals that intend to give patients better care, even remotely," said Alok Sinha, CEO of Globus Eight Inc., "Infectious diseases, chronic care, and senior care management require ongoing monitoring during quarantine and otherwise." Alok added, "We have thousands of devices that patients can choose from, or they may even use their own devices that integrate with the LifeOn framework."

Marni Ehrlich, CEO of TechLeaders Consulting LLC., says, "LifeOnMD offers providers the necessary support to evolve providers and patients into this new delivery paradigm. It leverages our unique understanding of Health IT, IoT platforms and telecommunications to deliver a complete solution in the remote monitoring marketplace."

About TechLeaders: TechLeaders Consulting, LLC is a top-ten healthcare consulting company and leading implementation agent for HIT for the New York State eHealth Collaborative.

About Globus Eight: Globus Eight Inc. is an IT services company offering IT support, security, and AI/IoT solutions to its customers.

Source: Globus Eight Inc

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