ProCare 2000

Source: Dukane Corporation, Communications Systems Division (CSD)

ProCare 2000
Cost-effective audio visual communication
  • Cost-effective audio visual communication.
  • Wide variety of call-in stations.
  • Full-field master station display for convenient "at-a-glance" room status.
  • Ability to manage up to 160 beds from a single master station.
  • Up to four master stations per system, each with configurable coverages and day/night modes.
  • Group and all-call page capability.
  • Pocket page interface option.
  • Activity reporting (ARMS) option.
The ProCare 2000 has been selected by thousands of healthcare facilities across North America and around the world as their communication system of choice. Its combination of unique features, optional configurations, and high reliability makes its popularity easy to understand.

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