News | January 30, 2024

Rauland Announces General Availability Of Enterprise Converge To Revolutionize Hospital Workflows And Efficiency


Hospitals and healthcare organizations are now able to benefit from Converge, the latest innovation from Rauland®, a global leader in healthcare clinical communications and workflow solutions.‚Äč Converge is a next generation nurse call device that when combined with Rauland’s revolutionary Responder Enterprise® software platform improves patient safety and satisfaction while increasing operational efficiency.

Converge serves as a digital control center for the patient room by connecting clinicians and interdisciplinary teams, providing time-critical messages, and allowing staff to prioritize patient care. Further, Converge’s patent-pending software allows staff to assign themselves to patients and rooms during bedside rounding. This improves clinical workflow efficiencies so nurses can spend more time caring for patients and less time searching for resources, equipment, and eases communication across the broader patient care team.

Converge and Responder Enterprise’s interoperability with electronic medical records (EMRs), real-time locating systems (RTLS), and other pre-existing hospital technology infrastructure, gives hospital management access to advanced analytics capabilities and improves the decision-making processes.

"Converge will help revolutionize how we think about workflow within hospitals while introducing critical efficiencies,” said Joseph DeLisle, Director of Product Management at Rauland. “We’re thrilled to make this product available to help healthcare workers complete tasks faster, easier, and smarter than ever before all while keeping patient safety as top priority throughout every step of their journey."

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About Rauland
Rauland is the respected leader in advanced clinical communications and workflow solutions for hospitals worldwide. Through combined hardware, software, and analytics its innovations and interoperability power hospital rooms now and into the future. Rauland supports clinical staffing, evidence-based protocols, and quality of care—for higher patient safety, improved staff satisfaction, and a sharper focus on timely, efficient responses to patient needs. A pioneer and continued innovator, Rauland has been setting new standards for integrated communications technology and superior customer service for more than 80 years. Rauland collaborates with value added resellers (VARs) to effectively address customer needs by leveraging their expertise in delivering tailored solutions, ensuring seamless integrations, and providing specialized support. More information on Rauland’s enterprise solutions for healthcare is available at, on LinkedIn, X and Facebook.

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