News | April 6, 2009

Reva Systems Extends The Reach Of Healthcare Tracking Systems

Reva Systems, the leading RFID infrastructure provider, today announced it will demonstrate the first passive RFID solution package, Reva-4-Healthcare, designed to support healthcare tracking applications at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) trade show next week in Chicago, booth #8149. Reva-4-Healthcare is designed to integrate seamlessly with AeroScout's MobileView RTLS track and trace application platform.

Healthcare applications that leverage Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) capabilities can improve patient satisfaction and safety; they can also improve efficiency and save money. Specific benefits are realized in a variety of ways such as reducing of the incidence of preventable medical errors; monitoring compliance with equipment procedures or other hospital protocols; enabling the assessment of key hospital operational metrics including response times and treatment schedules; raising critical asset utilization rates and reducing the loss rate of expensive biomedical equipment.

The Reva-4-Healthcare demonstration at HIMSS will explain how the use of passive RFID technology complements active RTLS-based solutions to enable healthcare facilities to track resources including assets, consumables and people that until now could not be tracked using active RTLS due to form-factor or cost reasons. Passive RFID tags do not require batteries and are economical enough to be used for tracking disposable and consumable items such as fluid bags, specimen vials, and single-use medical devices such as stents. Items requiring sterilization can also be tracked using passive tags packaged to survive the chemicals and heat of sterilization systems. Since passive tags can be produced in thin and flexible form factors, they can also be used to create labels and wristbands expanding the realm of trackable healthcare-related assets to include medications or people.

Active/Passive Location Technologies Deliver a Comprehensive Solution "Active and passive location technologies play complementary and synergistic roles in supporting real-time location-based applications in healthcare settings," said Reva chairman and co-founder Ashley Stephenson. "Healthcare providers can now tag items that they could not tag before. Reva-4-Healthcare brings the proven benefits of RFID tracking to a broader range of healthcare assets."

The HIMMS demonstration will also feature Reva's integration with AeroScout's industry-leading healthcare RTLS platform, building on a partnership between the companies that was announced last year. AeroScout's MobileView serves as the track and trace application platform, while Reva-4-Healthcare provides the passive RFID tag and passive RFID locationing solution.

Stephenson noted that the deployment of RTLS systems, including RFID technologies, is growing in hospitals at more than twice the rate of adoption in other verticals. "Adoption of RTLS based solutions in hospitals has the potential to enhance clinical work-flow, improve patient experience, help identify and minimize operational inefficiencies, and deliver better asset management. These benefits are expected to save hospitals millions of dollars in capital and operational expenditures, apart from significantly improving the quality and efficacy of patient care and safety."

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SOURCE: Reva Systems, Inc.