News | October 23, 2023

Vytal Launches Platform To Power Smart Hospitals And Critical Infrastructure

Boston, MA - (BUSINESS WIRE) - After five years of investment and testing, Vytal launches today to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare: aging critical infrastructure, tight margins, a stressed workforce, and heightened demands for more sustainable operations. Created to challenge the outdated approach health systems have for managing their critical infrastructure - siloed data, redundant systems, and a fractured gap between building operations and patient experience - Vytal is led by an executive team with a collective background in healthcare operations and regulatory experience. Its platform has been tested and deployed in over 50 hospitals in the last five years.

Vytal integrates capital planning with asset management, regulatory compliance, and sustainable operations to tackle the challenges healthcare faces. It was built to make an immediate impact in reducing the cost to health systems to manage their real estate, historically a top three expense that has been overlooked. Vytal is built on the backbone of modern technology, utilizing AI & ML, robotics, automation, sensors, and IoT to monitor the health of a building in real time. Owners and operators will no longer be restricted by siloed applications and systems, Vytal frees them from their manual, time-consuming status quo - and more importantly, ties patient care and satisfaction directly to the physical experience.

With aging infrastructure, high cost of capital, retiring facilities workforce, and new regulations and expectations for sustainable changes, the time is now. Within the next three years, the global Facility Management Market size is projected to expand from $42.2 billion in 2021 to $76.3 billion by 2026, which puts Vytal in a strong position for continued growth.

About Vytal:
Vytal, an Intelligent Asset Lifecycle Management Platform, is built by healthcare operators for healthcare operators and is dedicated to modernizing healthcare infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the industry, Vytal tackles the pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers today. The innovative platform harnesses the power of AI/ML, robotics, automation, sensors, and IoT, monitoring the health of healthcare facilities in real-time, empowering owners and operators to make informed decisions, and enhancing patient care. We envision a future where healthier buildings contribute to healthier patients and play a vital role in fostering a healthier planet. Learn more at

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