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Xcision To Feature GammaPod - A Powerful Tool For Breast Cancer - At ESTRO 2024

Columbia, MD /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Xcision Medical Systems, LLC, a medical technology company that develops advanced stereotactic radiotherapy solutions to improve cancer care, will demonstrate GammaPod® at The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) on May 3-7 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Xcison's GammaPod technology will be showcased at TEMA Sinergie booth 95.

As the first and only stereotactic radiotherapy system specifically designed for early stage breast cancer, GammaPod delivers a highly conformal, non-invasive treatment to cancerous breast targets. GammaPod reduces the length of the radiation treatment course to one to five fractions (1-5 days) with treatment time under one hour, while limiting dose to the whole breast, heart and lungs. Conventional radiation therapy treatment schedules may take three to six weeks.

Breast cancer remains the most diagnosed cancer in the EU, with an estimated 380,000 cases and constituting about 13.8% of all cancer diagnoses. Approximately half of women diagnosed with breast cancer in EU countries were at an early stage.1

GammaPod makes breast cancer care more accessible and convenient, which is critically important for patients in countries beleaguered by life-threatening treatment wait times.2 The shorter treatment course minimizes disruption to the patient's life and reduces travel costs, even in local commutes. Patients can get back to their normal routine in a fraction of the time.

"As the UK looks to boost radiotherapy funding and cut travel times, slash the cancer backlog and save lives, modern technological advances for treating breast cancer, such as GammaPod, are becoming vital," says Michelle Crawley, President of Xcision. "GammaPod addresses the growing global demand for high-value radiation therapy, more efficient and cost-effective breast cancer care by helping patients with early stage breast cancer get back to their lives faster. This solution also can potentially free up treatment slots on other radiotherapy machines, so that other patients with cancer can begin their treatment more quickly."

"The unique dose focusing capability also opens the opportunity for definitive treatment without surgery. Clinical trials3 are ongoing to test if a high dose of 34 Gy to 38 Gy can eradicate the tumor completely. The initial results from clinical teams in the United States and Italy are very encouraging," says Cedric Yu, founder and CEO of Xcision. "The motivation to develop GammaPod was to eradiate the tumor while sterilizing the surrounding subclinical volume in one easy procedure. In this way, patients can complete this non-invasive treatment in one hour, hopefully close to where they live, with no pain, no anesthesia, and no scar to remind them about what they went through."

At booth 95, also learn more about the GammaPod Consortium, a community of institutions committed to exploring the unique dose focusing features of GammaPod in clinical practice and analyzing the initial results of clinical trials.

1 European Cancer Information System (ECIS)



About Xcision Medical Systems
Xcision Medical Systems, LLC is a medical technology company developing advanced stereotactic radiotherapy solutions with the potential to dramatically raise the quality of treatments and improve the lives of patients and their loved ones. The company's solutions are designed to extend the benefits of radiation oncology to more patients and enable noninvasive treatments that allow patients to return to living fuller lives more quickly and less painfully after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

GammaPod has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA and is CE marked in Europe.

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