Product Showcase

  1. SpillSeal® Products
    Unotron designs, manufactures and markets washable data input and security devices that use its patented SpillSeal® technology, which, the company says, conforms to IP66 and NEMA 4X standards and are of high quality
  2. Thinking Systems’ Releases
    Thinking Systems is debuting its new release of web based ThinkingRIS™ unified with its ThinkingPACS™ powered by a single database at RSNA this year
  3. General Dynamics GoBook XR-1
    As the newest member of the General Dynamics line of rugged computers, the GoBook® XR-1 differentiates itself in six key categories — size and weight, performance, ergonomics, ruggedness, wireless capabilities, and security — and raises the bar for mobile computing performance.
  4. AnyDoc®CLASSIFY™ Document Classification Software
    How much time does your staff spend sorting your company's incoming documents? While sorting is a necessary task, it often creates a bottleneck in productivity that delays the entry of critical data from these documents into your database, ECM, or ERP system. You need a powerful, automated solution — you need AnyDoc®CLASSIFY, powered by AnyDoc's latest technology called Infiniworx™.
  5. Wi-Fi Base Active RFID: PanGo Networks: PanGo Locator
    Assets worth millions of dollars are constantly on the move in most large businesses and institutions, and tracking them is often a major challenge. From critical equipment to key personnel, quickly locating and effectively deploying or servicing important assets and resources is critical to success in organizations worldwide.
  6. Supply Insight ComplyEZ Software System
    The ComplyEZ Software Systems is the complete DoD solution to UID, RFID, and Electronic DD250 processing!
  7. Supply Insight RFID Training
    Supply Insight Inc. offers developers training for end users and system integrators interested in RFID based Supply Chain automation and complying with the retail and DoD mandates.
  8. Supply Insight Sustainable Asset Management (SAM)
    Supply Insight's SAM (Sustainable Asset Management™) solution is a fully integrated solution for your SOX compliance and Cyclical Inventories processes.
  9. Supply Insight rPlatform
    With standards-compliance and a scalable infrastructure that can be implemented incrementally, rPlatform™ reduces your up-front risk without sacrificing long-term benefits.
  10. Star Micronics Secured TSP800Rx Prescription Printer Family
    The Secured TSP800Rx printer enables doctors to print thermal prescriptions vs. handwritten prescriptions from a pad avoiding legibility errors. Utilizing specialized and secured thermal prescription paper, the prescriptions are printed using the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software in the industry, resulting in a secured legible script in seconds.