Supplier News

  1. Wireless Networks Enable Safer, More Efficient Healthcare
    Motorola’s enterprise mobility products are liberating doctors and nurses from desks, paper and PCs, and giving them fast, secure, mobile access to life-saving information – where and when it’s needed. With the help of our leading clinical IT partners, Motorola offers end-to-end solutions that let healthcare professionals review patients’ medical histories, update patient information, check for drug interactions, and look at lab results and x-rays – all from the point of activity: the bedside, the exam room, the front office, in surgery or on the go. The result is increased productivity and a reduction in errors. Submitted by Motorola
  2. The Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital Saves More Lives With Motorola Mobility Solution
    For hospitals to provide high-quality service, they must administer the right treatment in the quickest manner to ensure its ability to save lives. A hospital's information system is what allows them to deliver the highest level of service. Submitted by Motorola
  3. Healthcare Provider Applies Wireless Location Server To Improve The Patient Experience
    Bronson Healthcare uses Cisco Wireless Control System and Cisco Location Appliance to track wheelchairs and avoid searches and patient waiting. Submitted by Cisco Systems
  4. ECM: It’s A Whole New Ballgame — January Edition: The Value Of SharePoint-Based ECM Solutions
    By Mike Ball, Clearview Software
    With SharePoint’s rich and deep inventory of ECM functionality designed to meet the business needs of the masses, customers seeking out and evaluating SharePoint-based ECM solutions will clearly become a pervasive business trend in 2008 — and beyond. Submitted by Clearview Software

  5. End AP Pressure: Close The Door On Manual Mail Sorting & Invoice Processing By Samuel L. Schrage, AnyDoc Software
    Lost and misrouted documents can hurt vendor relationships and performing inefficient manual processes costs dearly. Automated classification and data capture solutions can save a company millions – but which are the main aspects to look for when evaluating a software solution? Download a free white paper "Imaging and Workflow: A Buyer’s Guide to Accounts Payable Automation Solutions" written by independent accounting analysts, PayStream Advisors. Submitted by AnyDoc Software

  6. Maximizing ROI On iSCSI By Dave Dupont, SANRAD
    With the recent announcement of Dell’s intent to purchase EqualLogic, iSCSI is at the forefront of storage news conversation. The Dell/EqualLogic acquisition further validates the iSCSI SAN market, to be sure, but it was already picking up steam and there are already thousands of IT organizations that rely on iSCSI as a core element of their storage infrastructure. Submitted by SANRAD

  7. Server Virtualization: The Tip Of The Iceberg By Kim Tchang, SANRAD
    Like iPOD for the consumer market, server virtualization is one of the hottest technology trends to sweep the commercial market. Many enterprises are deploying or investigating server virtualization to save power, cooling and management costs, improve asset utilization, and increase flexibility. Submitted by SANRAD

  8. IPA Achieved High Data Availability With No Single Point Of Failure
    Driven by study growth and by ever larger clients demanding bullet-proof data avilability, IPA planned a systems infrastructure upgrade, migrating from the Sun/Solaris platform to a Windows/Intel platform running Oracle 10g for its critical database servers. Submitted by RELDATA
  9. ECM: It’s A Whole New Ballgame — December Edition: SharePoint-Based ECM Solutions
    By Mike Ball, Clearview Software
    The reason SharePoint is resonating so clearly and in an increasing way to business organizations as they examine their ECM strategy is fairly simple. In today’s business landscape, it’s common to see Windows as the desktop OS of choice, Windows Server as the network infrastructure, MS-SQL Server as the database engine, and MS Office as the desktop suite on the information workers’ desktops. Since SharePoint fits seamlessly into this environment, it becomes a painless and somewhat simplistic decision for companies to extend the ECM strategies toward SharePoint. Submitted by Clearview Software
  10. Digitizing The Irregular Documents Of Healthcare By Douglas T. Butts, BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Scanners
    Over the last several years healthcare providers have made a collective move toward electronic records. Driven initially by regulations, providers have recognized how fast and secure access to healthcare data can help them track patient history, monitor quality assurance standards, comply with regulatory guidelines, and achieve timely billing and reimbursement. While the benefits of electronic health records are undisputed, Douglas T. Butts, business development manager, healthcare at BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Scanners, explains how digitizing healthcare data comes with its share of challenges. Submitted by BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Scanners